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Current Graduate Publications

Adisa, Kofi

"The Politics of Prince Paul" Fly (Summer 2004).

"The Other side of Koolness" Fly (Summer 2004).

Berger, Jason

"Refiguring O'Neill's Early Sea Plays: Maritime Labor Enters the Age of Modernity." The Eugene O'Neill Review 28 (May 2006): 13-31.

"Tethering the Butterfly: Revisiting Jameson's 'Postmodernism and Consumer Society' and the Paradox of Resistance." Cultural Logic Vol. 7 (2004). 5 September 2004. <>.

Campbell, Barbara

"The First Girl to Land on the Moon." Illness in the Academy: A Collection of Pathographies by Academics (Purdue UP 2007). 

Review: Bodies in a Broken World:  Women Novelists of Color and the Politics of Medicine by Ann Folwell Stanford. Chapel Hill and London:  University of North Carolina Press, 2003. Multi-Ethnic Literatures of the United States (MELUS). Forthcoming 2007.

Cella, Laurie JC

“Radical Romance in the Piedmont: Olive Tilford Dargan’s Gastonia Novels.”  Southern Literary Journal. Forthcoming.

“Narrative ‘Confidence Games’: Framing the Blonde Spectacle in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1925) and Nights of the Circus (1984).” Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies, Winter 2005. 47-62.

Cole, Ernest

“Images and Motif: The Problematic of Interpretation in the Poetry of Lemuel Johnson.” An Introduction to Sierra Leonean Literature (Forthcoming 2007).

“The Interplay Between Literature and Culture: A Thematic Approach to The African Child and So Long a Letter.” African Culture and Civilization. Ed. S. Ademola Ajayi. Ibadan, Nigeria: Atlantis, 2005.

“What’s in a Face?: The Dialectic of Facts and Possibilities in Darktown Strutters.” SAFARA: Revue Internationale De Langues, Litteratures Et Cultures. 2 (2004).

“Correcting the Lenses—The Poetry of Syl Cheney-Coker: From Opacity to Transparency.” SAFARA: Revue Internationale De Langues, Litteratures Et Cultures 2 (2003).

Cormier, Ken

“Havris and Eli.” 60 Seconds to Shine Vol. IV: 221 One-Minute Monologues from Literature. Ed. John Capecci and Irene Ziegler Aston. Smith and Kraus, Inc. (Forthcoming, 2007).

“Landlord for Poetry: Bob Holman & the Bowery Poetry Club.” Elis Eil E-Zine (Forthcoming, 2007).

“The Tragedy in My Neighborhood.” Oddfellow Magazine (Fall 2005).

Balance Act: Poems and Stories. Toronto: Insomniac Press, 2000.

Four stories. Gone (Spring 1998), 109-116.

Two poems. Sulfur 40 (Spring 1997), 93-4.

“Feeling the Air in Relation to How Much Light There Is.” Caliban 15 (1995), 146-47.

“Balance Act.” Exquisite Corpse (Fall 1995)

Courtmanche, Jason

“Doing Laundry on a Saturday Night in November” (poem). California Quarterly 27.2 (Spring 2001).

“Yellow and Purple” (poem). Kimera 5.2 (Summer 2000).

“The Choice or the Bracelet” (short story). Kimera 5.2 (Summer 2000).

“Photojournalist” (poem).  Re:  Verse! 1.1 (2000).

Donahue, James

"'Hardly the voice of the same man': 'Civil Disobedience and Thoreau's Response to John Brown."  The Midwest Quarterly (Forthcoming, Winter 2007), 18 pp.

"Fools Crow" and "The Heartsong of Charging Elk."  Encyclopedia of Native American Literature.  Facts on File, Inc. Forthcoming, 2007.

" 'A world away from his people': The Heartsong of Charging Elk and the Indian Historical Novel." SAIL: Studies in American Indian Literatures.  (Forthcoming in issue 18.2, Spring 2006), 29 pp.

Fitz, Brewster E.  Silko: Writing Storyteller and Medicine Woman.  Norman: U of Oklahoma P, 2004. MELUS: The Journal of the Society for the Study of Multi-Ethnic Literature of the United States.  Forthcoming, 2006.

"Representing Cooper's Cultural Landscape: The N. C. Wyeth Illustrations."  James Fenimore Cooper: His Country and His Art – Papers from the 2005 Cooper Seminar.  Forthcoming, 10 pp.

" 'Of this I can make no sense': Wulf and Eadwacer and the destabilization of meaning."  Medieval Forum. Volume  4 (posted 12/01/2004)

Pulitano, Elvira.  Toward a Native American Critical Theory.  Lincoln and London: U of Nebraska P, 2003.  MELUS: The Journal of the Society for the Study of Multi-Ethnic Literature of the United States.  Vol. 29.2 (Summer 2004): 300-01.

"Gary Snyder." Dictionary of Literary Biography 275: American Nature Writers - Prose. Detroit: Gale, 2003. 294-302.

"In the Midst of an Infernal Crowd: Dante and the Original Text(s)."  Translation Review 58 (1999): 31-44.

Dowd, Christopher

“An Autopsy of Storytelling.”  The Neil Gaiman Reader. Ed. Darrell Schweitzer. Wildside Press, 2006.

Duneer, Anita

“Sarah Orne Jewett and (Maritime) Literary Tradition: Coastal and Narrative Navigations in The Country of the Pointed Firs,” forthcoming in American Literary Realism (Spring 2007): 28-page manuscript.

“Brooklyn in the Making: Reading the Existential Utopian Vision in Paul Auster’s Smoke through The Wizard of Oz.” Forthcoming in The Midwest Quarterly (Winter 2009): 18-page manuscript.

“On the Verge of a Breakthrough: Projections of Escape from the Attic and the Thwarted Tower in Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ and Susan Glaspell’s The Verge.The Journal of American Drama and Theatre 18.1 (Winter 2006): 34-53. 

"Postpositivist Realism and Mandala: Toward Reconciliation and Reunification of Vietnamese and American Identities in Andrew X. Pham's Catfish and Mandala." a/b: Auto/Biography Studies 17.2 (Winter 2002: 204-220).

Falcetta, Jennie-Rebecca

"Acts of Containment: Marianne Moore, Joseph Cornell, and the Poetics. of Enclosure." Journal of Modern Literature 29.4 (2006).

"Seamus Alchemicus: Gold and Transmutation in Seamus Heaney's Early Poems." Notes on Modern Irish Literature 13 (2001).

"The Enduring Sacred Strain: The Place of The Tale of the Sankgreal within Sir Thomas Malory's Morte Darthur." Christianity and Literature (Autumn 1997).

Holley, Jennifer

“Sabbatical.” Connecticut Review. Vol. 27, No. 2. Fall 2005. 100.

“Nine Lives.” Louisiana Literature. Vol. 22, Issue 1. Spring/Summer 2005. 19-20.

“The Secret.” Louisiana Literature, Vol. 22, Issue 1. Spring/Summer 2005. 21.

“Sirens.” Caduceus, The Journal of the Yale Medical Group Art Place, Vol. 1, November 2003.

“The Mirror Speaks.” Caduceus, The Journal of the Yale Medical Group Art Place, Vol. 1, November 2003.

“Diamond Dust.” Harpur Palate, Winter 2002.

“Mother Ghost.” Harpur Palate. Winter 2002.

“Mother Ghost.” Tattoo Highway. Vol. 5. September, 2002.

“Diamond Dust.” The Hartford Courant’s Northeast Magazine. August 19, 2001.

“The Rubbing.” The Best of the Prose Poem, Peter Johnson, ed., White Pines Press, Inc. (2000): 104.

“The Rubbing.” The Prose Poem: An International Journal. Vol. 8 (1999).

King, Katie

Regular Life: Monastic, Canonical and Mendicant Rules. Co-authored with Douglas J. McMillan. TEAMS. Kalamazoo, MI: Medieval Institute, 1997.

Lucasi, Stephen

“‘Downward Passages’: William Wells Brown’s Narrative & Traveling Subjectivity.” African American Review (forthcoming, 2008).

Moutray-Macarthur, Tonya

"The Cloistered Pen: Penetration and Conception in Eliza Keary's 'Christine and Mary: A Correspondence.'" Victorian Literature and Culture 31.1 (2003): 315-32.

"Unwed Orders: Religious Communities for Women in the Works of Elizabeth Gaskell." Gaskell Society Journal 17 (2003): 59-76.

Review: George Eliot, Judaism and the Novels: Jewish Myth and Mysticism. Saleel Nurbhai and K. M. Newton. Basingstoke and New York: Palgrave, 2001. Forthcoming in Modern Langauge Review.

Mushengyezi, Aaron

“Problematizing a ‘Fundamentalist’ Ideology? A Close Analysis of Atef Hetata’s The Closed Doors and Phil Mullally’s The Martyrs of Uganda.African Film: Continuity and Renewal. Ed. Blandine Stefanson and Samba Diop. Forthcoming 2007.“

Laye, Camara”, “Mwangi, Meja”, “Alembi, Ezekiel”, “Iroaganachi, John”, “Rwakasisi, Rose.” The Oxford Encyclopedia of Children’s Literature. Library ed. New York: OUP, 2006.

“Scratch, Scratch!” (short story). Michael’s Eyes: The War against the Ugandan Child. Ed. Raoul J. Granqvist. Umea: Umea Universitet, 2005. 69-76.

(Co-Edited with Edward Wamala et al.) Africa in World Affairs: Challenges to Humanities. Kampala: Faculty of Arts, Makerere University, 2004.

“Reimaging Gender and African Traditions? Ousmane Sembène’s Xala Revisited.” Africa Today 51.1 Fall (2004): 46-63.

“Folklore and Contemporary Ideology in Africa: An Assessment of Ankole Myths and Legends.” Africa in World Affairs: Challenges to Humanities. Ed. Edward Wamala, et al. Kampala: Faculty of Arts, Makerere University, 2004.

“The Functional Dynamics of Folk Media in Uganda in the ICT Era.” Africa: Communication Challenges in the 21st Century. Ed. Aaron K.K. Mukwaya, G. Birungyi and Prisca Tibenderana. Kampala: Makerere University, 2004.

Twentieth Century Literary Theory. Kampala: Department of Distance Education, Makerere University, 2003.

"Rethinking Indigenous Media: Rituals, 'Talking' Drums and Orality as Forms of Public communication in Uganda." Journal of African Cultural Studies. June 16.1(2003): 107-117.

"Kill Defilers! Save the Child!" (short story). Dhana: A Journal of Creative Writing. (2002): 49-50.

“Dual Identity” (poem). In Echoes Across the Valley, eds. A.I. Luvai and K. Makokha. Nairobi: East African Educational Publishers. 2000.

“The Sheepish Sheep” (poem) and “A Dead Man’s Funeral Song” (poem). In Uganda Poetry Anthology 2000, eds. O. Benge and A. Bangirana. Kampala: Fountain Publishers. 2000.

Novak, Rose

"Ellen O'Leary." Dictionary of Literary Biography, Volume 240: Late Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century Women Poets. Detroit: Gale Group, 2001.

O'Sullivan, Kate

"John Lydgate's Lyf of Our Lady: Translation and Authority in Fifteenth-Century England." Forthcoming in Mediaevalia 26.2 (2006).

Renner, Karen

“Repeat Viewings Revisited: Emotions, Memory, and Memento.” Film Studies: An International Review 8 (2006): 106-15.

Sanders, Aaron

"Life After God in Utah." The Hawaii Review, Summer 2001.

"My Neighbor, the Stripper.” Beloit Fiction Journal, 2003.

"War Stories." Jabberwock Review, Spring 2003.

"Suburban Mystery Play." Aura Literary Arts Review, 2003.

Waterfall Blinking." Quarterly West, 2003.

Tracy, Kisha

“Character Memory and Reinvention of the Past in Béroul’s Roman de Tristan.” Forthcoming in Tristania 24 (2006).

“Un Héritage vertueux: présence, capacités, et caractère de la mère de Merlin.” L’Esplumeoir (Société Internationale des Amis de Merlin) no 3 (2004): 45-54.