New publication for Grad Student Jared Demick

hunger in our eyes Congratulations to PhD Candidate Jared Demick for the publication of his debut book of poems, The Hunger in Our Eyes (BlazeVOX, 2014). His poems, which he refers to as “encyclopedic poetricks,” focus on specific moments and aspects of America and American people. Topics range from historical and cultural pieces such as honky-tonk, country music, the Civil War, and the Dust Bowl to character pieces and personal reflections on everyday life. Demick incorporates dialogue into his poetry, and delighted his UConn Bookstore audience at a recent reading by channeling different accents and even breaking into song. In addition to writing his dissertation, “Alien Comforts: The Languages and Food of the Chinese Diaspora and Hawaiian ‘Locals’ in American Popular Culture,” Demick is Assistant Director of the UConn Creative Writing Program, editor of The Jivin’ Ladybug: A Skewered Journal of the Arts, and founder and director of the Nutmeg Writers’ Group.  His interests include American literature, food studies, slangs, pidgins, creoles, and music in the Americas and creative writing.