Aetna Writing Prize Winners

John Peters, “The Dismantlement of a Complex Instrument”

Marisol Gallo, “Freedom Writers: The ‘Invisible’ Period of Racism in America and Hollywood”

Dominique Martin, “Irene Adler: Making a Statement”

Sarah Coughlin, “The Communicative Paradox”

Rachel Silvia, “‘Tween aleph and beta I’: Crossing Lines of Difference with M. NourbeSe Philip’s Zong!

Maria Seger, “The Ethics of Child Murder: Maternal Filicide and American Exceptionalism in Women’s Progressive Era Short Fiction”

Joseph Darda, “Antiwar Absolution in Joseph Heller’s Vietnam”

Alex Gatten, “Beyond the Ghost: Katherine Philips and the Queerness of Close Reading”

Emma Burris-Janssen, “Violating Viola: Re-Membering Female Agency in Mona Carid’s ‘Marriage’ and The Wing of Azrael