Dissertation Boot Camp

The Writing Center is continuing this year with its successful dissertation boot camps. The last one was during the Winter break: January 13-16.

These can be helpful for dissertators who are on pace and want to maintain momentum and for those who have lost momentum and need to respark.  Last year one participant from English reported generating 30+ pages over the 4 days.

To create an incentive for you to write for all 4 days, applicants must submit a $100 check made payable to the University of Connecticut. ***If they attend at least the morning session (9am – 12pm) for all four days, the check is returned, uncashed, making the retreat free.*** If they do not attend for all four days, we cash the check and put the funds toward food and coffee for future retreats.

Space is limited, and these fill up quickly, usually within a couple of days of our going live with the registration. Stay tuned for the next one!


Feel free to contact gradwriting@uconn.edu