Long River Reading Series

Darcie Dennigan, Jonas Moody, and Kashawn Taylor read their work on March 3 at the Co-0p Bookstore in Storrs Center.


Darcie Dennigan’s recent writing has been called “a Beckettesque epic” and poetry that “can horrify, shock, gross you out, turn you off.” Her work includes three poetry collections– Corinna A-Maying the Apocalypse, Madame X, and forthcoming in 2016, Palace of Subatomic Bliss– as well as Dandelion Farm (forthcoming soon), a short play that takes place “in the darkened jewel-box theater of the skull.”


Jonas Moody is a story writer, essayist and translator. Much of his work centers on masculinity and the North. His work has appeared in New World Writing, Iceland Review, New York Magazine and Time Magazine. His most recent piece “In Cod We Trust” was published in Mandens byrde, a Danish anthology on contemporary Nordic masculinity.


Kashawn Taylor is a UConn graduate who earned a degree in Psychology and English, as well as a Concentration in Creative Writing.  He enjoys writing creative nonfiction, fiction, and poetry. He has released two books:  Hi! I’m Your New Best Friend and There’s Nothing You Can Do About It and Slurs of the Vodka Saints. He continues to write both poetry and creative nonfiction with hopes of releasing another collection this year.