Poetic Journeys Release Party

Please join us for the Poetic Journeys release party event, which will take place on April 29 at 7pm at the UConn Co-op Bookstore, where the poets and designers will have a chance to meet each other, and where the new posters will be on display. The poets will each read their winning poems. The new series of posters will be featured on buses and buildings around UConn campus, as well as at E.O. Smith high school starting in the fall of 2015. Cake will be served.

This year’s poster series features poems by Erick Piller, Chitra Nidadavolu, Matthew Shelton, Marissa Stanton, Abby Kamphausen, Shaine Scarminach, Christiana Ares-Christian, and Zara Rix. This year’s posters feature design by Samantha Weiss, Franklin Canales, Rachael Conti, Marilyn O’Dowd, Hannah Lucca, Hunter French, Jocelyn Lau, Bria Caso, Drianne Laliberte and Haley Taylor. In addition to the eight poem posters, this year we have an event poster for the Poetic Journeys release party, designed by Samantha Weiss.Modeled after the

MTA’s “Poetry in Motion,” Poetic Journeys is an interdisciplinary collaboration between the Creative Writing Program and the Art Department’s Design Center. This year a new series of eight posters under the direction of CW Assistant Director, Miller Oberman will be unveiled on April 29. The program features poetry by students and, occasionally, faculty, printed on professionally designed placards, posted on campus transportation in spaces normally occupied by advertisements. This year the Creative Writing Program, in addition to taking nominations, had an open submission policy for the Poetic Journeys series, in which all students were allowed to submit their best work. The 2015 series features, for the first time, work by high school student Abby Kamphausen from UConn neighbor, E.O. Smith, where a creative writing class taught by UConn graduate Denise Abercrombie was invited to submit poems for Poetic Journeys.

This event is co-sponsored by UConn Creative Writing and the UConn Co-op Bookstore.