Month: May 2015

English Honors

Congratulations to fourteen graduating English majors who were recognized at the Honors medals ceremony.

Honors Theses:

Erica (Cam) Atzl.  “Nature and Nurture: Parenting in Zombie Narratives.”

Margaret (Maggie) Court. “Minstrelsy and Moral Philosophy: A Defense of Zora Neale Hurston’s Truth and Fiction.”

Josh Couvares. “The Ache in His Jaw” (fiction).

Jingyuan (Helen) Fu. “A Bridge and Not an End: Gene Luen Yang and the Wait for Superman.”

Catherine (Katie) Hires. “Eavesdropping: Memoir as a Feminist Document” (memoir).

Reilly Lynch. “Terra Nova: A Call for an Increased Use of Young Adult Fantasy and Science Fiction Novels in the High School Classroom.”

Emmanuel Oppong-Yeboah. “Sankofa: A Dialectic on (Post)coloniality and the Reconstruction of Black Masculinity.”

Tara Pealer (Avery Point). “The Girl on Fire Burns on: An Examination of Sex, Gender, and Romance in The Hunger Games, Divergent, and Twilight.”

Alan Polozov. “Drifters: A Novella” (fiction).

Brian Quigley. “The Hand of God: Writing and Law in the Old and New Testaments.”

Elizabeth Rider. “Institutionalized Female Madness in American Literature from 1950 to 1999.”

Lauren Silverio. “‘So vexed me the þouȝtful maladie’: Public Presentation of the Private Self in Hoccleve’s My Compleinte and the Conpleynte Paramont.”

Sydney Souder. “The Evolution of the Dickensian Solicitor.”

Kaila Toce. “E. M. Forster and Women.”