Thursdays: Nutmeg Writers Group

Tired of staring at your statistics homework, wondering if numbers themselves are soulless or if it’s just how humans seem to only use them for financial gain?

Tired of trying to identify the bits of “vegetables” in your cup of ramen that you bought in a pack of 50 from BJs?

Tired of crossing the days off the calendar until Thanksgiving Break even though the semester is only, like, three weeks old?

Do you feel a vague itch to stretch your creative muscles, to embark on a florid journey into the deepest recesses of your brain with a kindred crew of explorers?

Come join us at the Nutmeg Writers Group.

After a brief hiatus on Sept. 24, we will resume weekly meetings on Thursday, Oct. 1, 7:30-9

Austin 217 (Stern Lounge)

Interested? Questions?  Email Jared Demick at