Mya Poe Talk

On Monday, October 19, 4pm, the English Department will host a talk by Mya Poe: Intended Consequences: What Students Can Tell Us About Writing Assessment

Poe’s research focuses on writing assessment, diversity, and writing in the disciplines. In this talk she will explore several questions: How does assessment shape writing development? Are students of the high stakes testing generation so saturated with assessment that evaluation no longer matters? Are there ways that we can make evaluation more meaningful? Through the experiences of culturally and linguistically diverse students’ encounters with writing assessment, we learn how past assessment experiences shape students’ identities as writers; how parents’, teachers’, and students’ own expectations shape what they want writing assessment to do, and how encounters with college writing assessment shape students’ understanding of what it means to learn in college. We also learn how stereotypes and racism inform students’ encounters with peer assessment. Students’ stories offer powerful lessons in how we might expand measurement theories to better serve students and improve our practices of teaching writing.

Mya Poe is assistant professor of English at Northeastern University. She has co-authored Learning to Communicate in Science and Engineering: Case Studies From MIT, which won the CCCC 2012 Advancement of Knowledge Award, and she co-edited Race and Writing Assessment, which won the 2014 CCCC Outstanding Book of the Year. She also has guest edited a special issue of Research in the Teaching of English and is co-guest editing a forthcoming special issue of College English on writing assessment and social justice. In addition to being a series co-editor of the new Oxford Brief Guides to Writing in the Disciplines, she has two books under contract—a monograph entitled Intended Consequences: What Students and Statistics Can tell Us About Writing Assessment and a co-edited collection entitled Writing Assessment and Social Justice. Her articles have been published in College Composition and CommunicationThe Journal of Business and Technical CommunicationIEEE Professional Transactions, and Across the Disciplines.

Monday, October 19, at 4pm.