Graduates with Honors

Nine English majors received recognition at the Honors medals ceremony. One of these students is also a University Scholar. Congratulations to all!


University Scholar Project

Paiella, Giorgina. “Woman a Machine: The History and Gendered Semiotics of Female Automata.”

Honors Theses

Capron, Emma. “‘I Died in Auschwitz’: An Examination of Literary Haunting and Representations of Trauma in the Works of Charlotte Delbo and Primo Levi.” Breen.

Kurzawa, Theresa. “What Can Young Adults Learn from Dystopian Fiction?: Social Critique in Fahrenheit 451, Ender’s Game, and The Hunger Games.”

Lisi, Brandon. “The Emperor Must Die” (creative: fiction).

Machado, Danilo. Title TBA. August 2016 graduation.

Miller, Shannon. “Transgender and Intersex Issues in Athletics.”

Monica, Katherine (Kate). “A Brief Summary of July” (creative: fiction).

Troy, Kaitlin. “History Through Comics: A Closer Look at Historical Graphic Narratives.” August 2016 graduation.

Wong, Calliope. “Between, Beyond: A Collection of One Trans Woman’s Fictions” (creative: poetry and fiction).