The Wallace Stevens Poetry Prize

The Wallace Stevens Poetry Prize is one of the many fabulous cash prizes offered by UConn’s Creative Writing Program for the best student poems. All students are eligible, regardless of major, both undergraduate and graduate.

Deadline: December 5, 2016

Prizes: $1,000 (first), $500 (second), $250 (third)

Guidelines: Submit a single MS Word document containing the cover sheet followed by 5-8 pages of poems (cleanly typed, only one poem per page). This can be up to eight short poems, or several longer pieces. Please submit your work via e-mail to More details on the guidelines are available on the Creative Writing Program’s page for Writing Contests.


All work submitted for the Wallace Stevens Prize will also be considered for publication in the 2017 issue of the Long River Review, UConn’s nationally award-winning literary magazine. If you do not wish your entry to be considered for publication, please specify so on the cover sheet.