Careers for English Majors: Strategies, Options, and Ideas

March 27 4-6 p.m. in Austin 217 (Stern Room) the Writing Internship Program’s annual panel presentation and discussion for English majors: “Careers for English Majors: Strategies, Options, and Ideas.”  Students have found this event highly informative, practical, and inspiring.

Despite job market concerns and the pessimism English majors confront about their choice of major, job options open to the specific skills of English majors are now quite varied, and English majors are increasingly in demand.  The panelists below are testimony to the creative ways in which English majors are shaping careers for themselves.

Four UConn English majors (see below) will present information about their own careers and job search strategies.  Given their experiences and professions, they have valuable advice and will answer questions about job market realities as well as the logistics and anxieties of job searches and interviews. The panelists will discuss the value of the English major and other concerns about professional life after graduation.

  • As everyone knows, the current job market poses numerous challenges for job applicants.
  • These panelists will speak to those challenges and offer both practical advice and encouragement.

The panelists below bring a broad range of internship and post-undergraduate experience:

Carla Calandra (’16), Publisher Support and Editorial Assistant, Oxford University Press, New York City

Mary Malley (’16), Assistant Editor, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, New York City

Myles Udland (’12), Business News Reporter, Yahoo Finance, New York City

Eric Vo (’13), Health News Reporter and Editor, Aetna, Hartford, CT

Refreshments will be served.

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