New Poetry in Translation

Hosted by the Program for Literary Translation, New Poetry in Translation is a tri-annual online periodical dedicated to publishing exceptional poetry from a diverse range of languages, cultures, and eras in translation. We seek to establish a forum for featuring the most dynamic poetry being translated today—by both new and established authors and translators—and to connect readers with work which we feel deserves an international audience. As editors, we believe exceptional literature supersedes both lingual and national borders, and we hope to make New Poetry in Translation an important contributor to the global literary conversation.

The editors include LCL Professor Peter Constantine and three graduate students from the English Department: Brian Sneeden (senior editor), Kerry Carnahan, and Matthew Shelton. Our first issue features poetry from five languages, including work by poets Elisa Biagini, Vicente Luis Mora, Mostafa Nissabouri, Göran Sonnevi, Nikos Violaris, and Verónica Zondek, and translations by acclaimed translators Pierre Joris, Rika Lesser, Sarah McCann, and Katherine Silver, and UConn graduate students Adriana Alcina Gomez and Catherine Kedala.

Our first issue is available at