IDEA Grants Awarded

The English Department is proud to announce that four English majors have received IDEA grants for their thought-provoking project proposals.
The UConn IDEA Grant program awards funding to support student-designed and student-led projects, including creative endeavors, community service initiatives, entrepreneurial ventures, research projects, and other original and innovative projects.

Below are the names of the four English majors receiving IDEA grants this year:

Amelia Bowman ’20
Bringing Diversity to the Teenage Post-Apocalypse 
Amelia will write a post-apocalyptic young adult novel that defies the standard narrative. This novel will feature diverse characters who explore topical issues such as social paranoia.


Arianna Diaz, Dec ’18 (English/Global Studies)
Combating Xenophobia: Bridging the Gap Between the Public and the U.S. Refugee Resettlement Process Using Data Visualization 
To decrease xenophobia towards refugees in America, Arianna will collect data and narratives from scholarly materials and interviews with actors in the resettlement process that dispel misconceptions, and will display her findings using data visualization tools.


 Taylore Grunert ’19 (English/Ecology & Evolutionary Biology)
“Catharsis Theory”: A Graphic Novel Exploring LGBT Subjectivity and Coming of Age 
 Taylore will write a fictional graphic novel, based on personal experience, exploring LGBT adolescence.


Carly Martin ’20
The Great Forest Beast 
Carly will write and illustrate a children’s book that addresses environmental degradation in a way that is accessible to children.