“Paradigmatic Shifts: Race, Nation, and Personhood”

Event: “Paradigmatic Shifts: Race, Nation, and Personhood”

Location: UConn Bookstore, Storrs Center

Time: 12:30pm-5:15pm


Animated by the turbulent and shifting imaginaries of nations and societies signaled by mass protest and reinvigorated by social movements such as Black Lives Matter, Organizing to Protect the Undocumented, Occupy Wall Street, #SayHerName, South-South Cooperation, and global anti-austerity initiatives, this one-day workshop takes as a starting point the notion of “paradigmatic shifts.” Suggestive of profound changes in human experience and indicative of visionary acts, “paradigmatic shifts” function as apt lenses through which to consider, commemorate, and contemplate past, present, and future politics and sociocultural dynamics. Encompassing contestations concerning who does and does not belong to the state and, by extension, to the economic order, this focus on political instability and changing paradigms similarly highlights the intersectional qualities and location of spaces in-between as well as subjects often unseen. “Paradigmatic Shifts: Race, Nation, and Personhood” is both timely and urgent in its focus on new world orders, allegiances, and affiliations.

Please feel free to contact Cathy Schlund-Vials with any questions.