English Students Admitted into Neag

We are pleased to announce Neag’s Integrated Bachelor’s/Master’s program acceptances for this year.  These students are all sophomores.

The Special Education and Elementary Education admits are all pursuing at least a Concentration in English, and some will get a BA in English.  All have to complete at least 24 credits in English.

The Secondary English Education students have to complete at least 36 credits in English, and so most (but not all) will earn a BA in English, too.

Special Education: Madison Chiulli, Daniel Claxton, Lauren Granville, Shannon Jones, Bridget Laselva, Stephanie Palmucci, Marissa Rondinone, Anamaria Sousa, Olivia Troy, and Nicole Wiggins

Elementary Education: Emma Braun, Caitlin Davidson, Francesca Depalma, Angelo Fiondella, Brianna Gaffney, Angelica Gasper, Emma Harter, Darcus Henry, Sheila Higgins, Elizabeth Jacobs, Jaria Khan, Jennifer Lusier, Gabriela Lynch, Kayla O’Sullivan, Kayla Peck, and Jane Yalof.

Secondary English Education: Britney Augeri, Caroline Crouse, Alex Klein, Johnny Liang, Grace Mandy, Jenesis Miranda, Katrina Ptyza, Ailia Rohbar, Katelynn Romanchick, Rebecca Socha, Sydney Spizzoucco, Sammy Vanvalkenburg, Vanessa Vazquez, and Caitlin Willis.