Austin Building (Photo by Peter Morenus)English is one of the largest and most vibrant departments at UConn, and the only one represented at all five UConn campuses. In addition to approximately 400 undergraduate majors, our double majors combine their study of English with fields ranging from Biology to Economics to Psychology. More than 50 full-time faculty and 75 graduate students undertake research spanning the full historical range of literature written in English across the globe, from c.800 to the present.

Students often seek out our major because they love to read, and want to develop their critical thinking and writing skills in digital and print media to the highest standard.  Through study with faculty affiliated with a wealth of interdisciplinary programs they develop interests and passions that lead them into careers in journalism, publishing, advertising, and writing, or to graduate degrees in law, medicine, education, business, or information science, as well as in English itself.

This website contains information about the department’s undergraduate and graduate degree programs and curricular resources, including information about courses, majors, internships, faculty research interests, and our various affiliated programs. If you can’t find something or need additional information, please contact us.