Academic Requirements, Credit, and Grading

English 3091 – May be repeated for credit.


Grading and Credit

  • Grade: Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory (is not used in calculating GPA)
  • English Major: May count up to three credits toward the major
  • Graduation Requirements: Up to six credits may be countedWriting Internship Logo
  • Credit: The number of academic credits you receive depends upon the total number of hours you work at the internship placement during the semester. The total number of hours you work during the semester must satisfy the credit requirement.
Total Hours Hours Per Week Number of Credits
42 hours 3 hours per week for 14 weeks 1 academic credit
84 hours 6 hours per week for 14 weeks 2 academic credits
126 hours 9 hours per week for 14 weeks 3 academic credits
168 hours 12 hours per week for 14 weeks 4 academic credits
210 hours 15 hours per week for 14 weeks 5 academic credits
252 hours 18 hours per week for 14 weeks 6 academic credits

Academic Requirements and Guidelines

As part of the internship, interns are required to present a binder with the following in three sections: 1) log of hours 2) professional journal and 3) portfolio of field work. Interns present binders twice in the course of an internship: at the mid-semester (small groups during 6th-7th week of classes) and end-of-semester conferences (individual meeting during the final week of classes).

1) Log of Hours: The log of hours presents a clear record of hours worked (not including breaks or travel time to and from the placement). This is an excel sheet you create, not the time sheets you are provided with. Time sheets must be consistent with the log of hours. The log of hours must be formatted using four columns titled: date, specific hours, total hours (for that day), and subtotal.

  • Time sheets are filled out by the intern, given to the supervisor to sign, and the supervisor sends signed time sheets to the program director at the end of the internship.

2) Journal Entries: The journal section is placed after the log of hours. One journal entry (typed, 12 Times New Roman, double-spaced, 1-2 pages) per day of work in plastic insert sheets. Journals should describe, reflect on, and assess the day’s work.

3) Portfolio: Portfolio materials are placed after the journal section. This is all the work the intern has created or compiled in fulfillment of or as part of their responsibilities.