Administration and Staff

The Department of English is happy to answer questions or provide information for students.

Title Name Office Phone
Department Head Robert Hasenfratz Austin 208B 486-1526
Associate Department Head Clare Costley King’oo Austin 141 486-2058
Administrative Manager Melanie Hepburn Austin 209 486-2169
Communications Coordinator Claire Reynolds Austin 208A 486-3047
Undergraduate Advisor Inda Watrous Austin 201B 486-2322
Graduate Studies Director Victoria Ford Smith Austin 122 486-3959
Graduate Studies Associate Director Bhakti Shringarpure Austin 224 486-2356
Graduate Administrative Services Specialist Mary Udal Austin 234 486-2329
Writing Internship Director Ruth Fairbanks Austin 233 486-9017
First-Year Writing Director Brenda Jo Brueggemann Austin 119 486-2007
First-Year Writing Associate Director Lisa Blansett Austin 125 486-2066
Honors Program Director Mary Burke Austin 123 486-6858
American Studies Director Christopher Vials Austin 118 486-9033
Creative Writing Program Director Sean Frederic Forbes Austin 146 486-2324
Creative Writing Associate Director Ellen Litman Austin 142 486-2111
Aetna Chair of Writing Brenda Jo Brueggemann Austin 119 486-2007
Writing Programs Administrative Specialist Lori Corsini-Nelson Austin 201D 486-1124
Connecticut Writing Project Director Jason Courtmanche Austin 161 486-5772
Medieval Studies Director Fiona Somerset Austin 127 486-5774
Regional Campus Change Advisor Margaret Breen Austin 134 486-2873