Aetna Graduate Critical Essay Prize Guidelines

Who’s eligible:
Any currently enrolled UConn graduate student, in any department.

What’s eligible:
Any unpublished critical essay written for a course or independently. Dissertation chapters (or partial chapters) may be submitted if they conform to the criteria below. The essay may be under editorial review but, if accepted for publication, must be withdrawn from the contest.

Only ONE essay per student may be submitted in a given year.

Due date: Sept. 1, 2014.

Submission criteria: Submit an electronic copy of your essay, with a single cover sheet identifying your name, address, email address, phone number.
NO identifying information should appear anywhere else in the essay.
Put the title of the essay on both the cover sheet and the first page of the essay

Who receives it:
Send Word Docs only to:

Additional criteria:
The essay should be suitable for publication.

a. It should be an appropriate length, ideally 5000 words. 7000 words (including text and notes) is the absolute maximum; essays exceeding this length will be ineligible. If longer essays are submitted prior to the due date, they will be returned for revision.
b. The language should be, if possible, graceful and accessible to a generalized professional readership.
c. The essay should have a clear thesis, accurate quotations, and complete citations.
d. If the author has a specific journal in mind, include a copy of the guidelines with the essay.