Brenda Jo Brueggemann

Professor and Aetna Chair of Writing. Storrs.

Specialties and Interest Areas in Research, Service, and Teaching:
Deaf Studies; Disability Studies; disability art and creative expression; universal design, multimodality and access to education; captioning; global disability issues; disability and human rights; teaching college writing; writing program administration; women in higher education; university and community engagement; creative non-fiction.

Current Research:
– Posting Mabel: an epistolary biography of Mabel Hubbard Bell (Alexander Graham Bell’s deaf wife)
– AktionT4: Economics,Euthanasia, Eugenics (a blog about the Nazi’s T4 program that exterminated over 240,000 people with disabilities):
– Disability and Rhetoric:  an edited collection of key publications that intersect those two fields (with John Duffy and Drew Holladay)

Published Monographs and Collections:
Arts and Humanities (vol 8). The SAGE Reference Series on Disability Key Issues and Future Directions.  (with Elizabeth Brewer, Nicholas Hetrick and Melanie Yergeau).  Sage Publications, 2012.
Deaf Subjects: Between Identities and Places.  New York UP, 2009.
Disability and/in Prose.  Co-editor with Marian E. Lupo.  Routledge, 2008.


Journal Issues, Contributing Editor
Diversability Ohio, Guest Editor, 2012-2013 Premiere Edition.
Prose Studies special double issue, “Disability and/in Prose.”  27.1-2 (2005).
–  Sign Language Studies special double issue, “Narrating Deaf Lives.” 7.2 (2007).


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