Christina Wilson

PhD Candidate, ABD

Dissertation: “Scots-Irish Frontiers Across 20th- and 21st-century American Literature”

Research Interests: 20th- and 21st-century American literature, modern drama, Irish literature, literature and human rights, transnational studies

Publications: “Illegible Ethnicity and the Invention of Scots-Irish Narratives on the Stages of Belfast and Appalachia.” Texts and Textures of Irish America. Spec. issue of Irish Studies Review 23.2 (2015): 194–208.

Challenging the ‘Fetish of the Verbatim’: New Aesthetics and Familiar Abuses in Christine Evans’s Slow Falling Bird.” Imagining Human Rights in Twenty-First-Century Theater: Global Perspectives. Ed. Florian N. Becker, Paola S. Hernández, and Brenda Werth. New York: Palgrave, 2013. 121–36.

“‘What My Own Wee Divil Bids Me’: An Interview with Damian Gorman.” Canadian Journal of Irish Studies 36.2 (2010): 193–207.

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