EGSA Officers Directory

EGSA Officers AY 2018-2019

President: Anna Ziering

Vice President: Amy Fehr

Treasurer: Laura Godfrey

Secretary: Katelyn Jaynes

Webmaster: Gabe Morrison

Outside Speaker Coordinator: Mollie Kervick

Representatives to the Aetna Chair of Writing Advisory Board: Kyle Barron and Kerry Carnahan

Representative to CUWI: Kathryn Warrender

Representative to the English Dept. Diversity Committee: Nicole Lawrence

Community Committee co-chairs: Becca Rowe and Roxanne Gentry

Diversity Committee Chair: Kaylee Mootz

Graduate Families and Caretakers Committee co-chairs: Tom Layman and Sarah Moon

Graduate Student Senator (ENGL): Daniel Pfeiffer

Graduate Student Senator (ENGL): Hannah Taylor

Graduate Student Senator (MedStu): Will Biel

Hospitality Committee co-chairs: Julia Brush and Aaron Proudfoot

Pedagogy Committee co-chairs: Réme Bohlin and Ruth Book

Professional Development Committee Chair: Meghan Burns

Union Stewards: Nicole Lawrence, Micah Goodrich, and Amy Fehr