EGSA Reading Groups

The reading groups below are open and currently active. Some reading groups post meeting dates on the EGSA calendar. Email the reading group's contact person to receive updates about it.

18th/19th-Century Colloquium

The 18th/19th-Century Colloquium meets to discuss recent scholarship in the fields of 18th and 19th-century Literature. This group is loosely concentrated in three specific areas of study: 18th-century Literature, Romantic Literature, and Victorian Literature. This colloquium is an opportunity for graduate students and faculty to discuss recent publications in our fields as well as share current projects we’re working on with other scholars working in similar temporal fields. This group meets about twice per semester.

Contact: Margaret Ascenzo (, Tom Layman (, and Sierra McMillan (

American Studies Reading Group

Interdisciplinary in scope, the American Studies reading group selects and reads classic and new works in the field of American Studies to advance ongoing conversations about scholarship, theory, pedagogy, and praxis. The group meets monthly. Graduate students from other departments are welcomed to join.

Contact: Daniel Pfeiffer (

DH Working Group

This group is dedicated to exploring the tools used in the creation of digital scholarship and fostering cross-campus collaboration for digital projects and exploring the tough topics in DH both inside the classroom and in our own work. It meets once a month during semesters.

Contact: Kelly Mahaffy (

Graduate Reading Group in Human Rights

This interdisciplinary group twice monthly meets to discuss recent publications in human rights, with one book per semester.

This group was funded generously by the Human Rights Institute for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Contact: Arpita Mandal ( and Hayley Stefan (

Job Market Materials Group

Students draft job market materials and provide accountability and solidarity in the drafting process. This group will meet biweekly in summer 2019.

Contact: Nicole Lawrence ( and Arpita Mandal (

Latin Reading Group

This group meets twice monthly, starting in Fall 2019, to informally translate Latin passages, with the goal of improving our Latin skills. All skill levels are welcome.

Contact: Casey Smedberg (

Medical Humanities Reading Group

This group meets once or twice a semester to discuss scholarship in the interdisciplinary field of medical humanities. It's meeting during summer 2019.

Contact: Hayley Stefan ( and Laura Godfrey (

Pedagogy Reading Group

This group meets to discuss pedagogy broadly in English studies. Meetings are usually once or twice a semester, with discussions focusing on 2 articles at a time. This group is sponsored by EGSA's Pedagogy Committee.

Contact: Meghan Brown ( and Gabe Morrison (

Technical Writing Reading Group

Technical communication is a vibrant and fascinating part of writing studies, with expanding professional opportunities in both the academic and private job market. This group meets once or twice a semester and over the summer to discuss scholarship in technical writing. Generally, we read 1-2 articles per meeting.

Contact: Gabe Morrison (