Eleanor Reeds

PhD Candidate

EGSA Outside Speaker Coordinator

Research Interests: Nineteenth-century British and transatlantic literature; genre and reader response; poetry and the novel; children’s literature


“Hearing Voices: The Reader Encounters Genre in the Nineteenth Century.”


Peer-Reviewed Articles

“Transatlantic Elegies for Boyhood: First-Person Adventure Narratives After 1865.” The Lion and the Unicorn 41.1 (2017): 61-78.

“Silence as Resistance in Pat Barker’s Regeneration and Assia Djebar’s Children of the New World.” Twentieth-Century Literature 62.4 (2016): 429-47.

“Representing the Integration of Baseball to a New Generation.” Children’s Literature Association Quarterly 41.4 (2016): 384-402.

“The Ethics of Risk in Elizabeth Gaskell’s North and South: The Role of Capital in an Industrial Romance.” Victorian Review 40.2 (2014): 55-71.

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