English Graduate Student Association

All English and Medieval Studies graduate students at UConn are members of the English Graduate Student Association (EGSA, pronounced “EGG-zuh,” for short). EGSA’s basic mission is to support its members by representing their interests at both the department and the University level, and to provide them with a range of academic, professional, and social opportunities. Members can hear graduate and faculty speakers at EGSA talks and colloquia, meet friends and relax at EGSA socials, take part in discussions and debates at EGSA meetings, and more.

If you’re a prospective student, please don’t hesitate to contact us at uconnegsa@gmail.com. We’d be happy to talk to you about the department and about graduate life at UConn, and to show you around if you’ll be coming to Storrs for a visit.

Contact information for EGSA Officers is available here, and information about our members is available in the graduate student directory. Under EGSA Documents, you can find our constitution, and information on awards available to graduate students. EGSA events are publicized on the ENGLGRAD-L listserv, and on our Google Calendar.