Annual Review of Academic Standing

Graduate Program Annual Review of Academic Standing

Beginning in their first semester following the completion of coursework, MA/PhD and PhD students are required to provide annual written reports of their progress toward degree, including a self-evaluation by the student and a faculty evaluation by their major advisor. Their progress is evaluated each spring semester by the Director of Graduate Studies in consultation with the Associate Director of Graduate Studies. In the preparation of this report, students and their major advisors are required to meet with one another, and students should submit the review to the Graduate Office no later than April 1.

For students in the first year following the completion of coursework, satisfactory progress is initially measured by the student and major advisor in terms of their preparation for and writing of their doctoral examinations, which are to be taken no later than February 28th of the third year for PhD students or the fourth year for MA/PhD students; successful completion of the language exam (by the time of the prospectus colloquium); and completion of the prospectus and the prospectus colloquium, which is to be scheduled no later than April 1st of the third year for PhD students or the fourth year for MA/PhD students. (The Graduate Executive Committee recommends that students take their exams late in the fall semester of their exam year, and submit their prospectus early in the spring semester.)

For students who are ABD, the review of academic standing charts progress in the writing of the dissertation. The self-evaluation from the student should record milestones achieved and set forth research and writing accomplished since the last evaluation as well as research and writing plans for the next twelve months. The evaluation by the major advisor should account for the timeliness of the student’s progress toward the degree, the quality of the work the student has produced in the preceding year, and areas in which the student can improve in the coming year. Neither evaluation is to exceed 500 words.

In the event that a student receives an unsatisfactory review, they have the option to appeal and request a meeting with the Director of Graduate Studies. The appeal is to include a statement from the student introducing new information and / or contextualizing past evaluations and a new statement from the major advisor. The appeal may also be accompanied by additional supporting letters from faculty. The appeal will be decided no later than the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Graduate Executive Committee.  Graduate English Annual Review Form