Graduate Faculty Committees

Graduate Executive Committee

Membership: The Director of Graduate Studies, the Directors of Freshman English, one member elected annually by the Department’s Graduate Faculty, one graduate student representative (normally the president of EGSA, the English Graduate Student Association), and the Department Head, ex officio, plus three additional faculty appointed by the department’s  Executive Committee.  (The student representative attends meetings on such matters as course assignments, Graduate program policy changes, etc., but does not attend meetings devoted to discussing the performance of specific students on examinations, or to awarding of fellowships, graduate or teaching assistantships, admissions, and the like).

Function: The Committee, in consultation with the department’s Graduate Faculty, determines general policy for the graduate program.  The Committee’s duties include: initiating program changes, discussing issues of student or faculty concern; acting on admissions; awarding fellowships, teaching assistantships; arranging the graduate course schedule; and nominating candidates to the Graduate Faculty.

Graduate Examination Committee

Membership: The Director of Graduate Studies and seven faculty nominated annually by the Graduate Executive Committee and appointed by the department’s Executive Committee; two graduate student representatives (appointed by EGSA) who have completed examinations for the Ph.D.

Function: The Committee administers all general graduate examinations.  Its duties include:  establishing dates, times, and readers for all general exams, selecting texts and questions for the M.A. written exam, establishing and revising reading lists for doctoral prelims and soliciting questions and procedures for all exams from the Department as a whole.  Though written exams are authorized by the Graduate Examination Committee, they are composed by specialists in the field and are reviewed in advance both by appropriate faculty members selected by the Director of Graduate Studies and by the graduate student members of the Committee.

Graduate MA/PhD Second Year Review Committee

Membership: The Director of Graduate Studies and five faculty appointed annually by the Department’s Executive Committee.

Function: The Committee evaluates the portfolios submitted by second-year MA/PhD students to determine if those students will receive an MA and continue to the PhD.

Graduate Placement Committee

Membership: The Associate Director of Graduate Studies (Chair) and four faculty appointed annually by the Department’s Executive Committee.

Function: The Committee helps graduating and recently graduated PhD students in English and Medieval Studies to find academic positions. It leads workshops on all aspects of the job search, including understanding trends in the job market, preparing job search materials (CVs, cover letters, dissertation abstracts, teaching portfolios, etc.), interviewing, and transitioning into the profession. It also offers individualized feedback on job search materials to every candidate going on the market, organizes mock interviews, and answers candidates’ questions as they arise.