Jonathan Dickstein

Adjunct Faculty

Jonathan’s research interests include psychoanalytic theory, computational prosody/narratology, and Modernist literature, film, and new media. He completed his dissertation on the psychoanalytic theory of suture, its philosophical and mathematical bases, and its revised applications to literary and cinematic narratives. Moreover, he has published articles on the transdisciplinarity of the psychoanalytic notion of sublimation and on the Cartesian/Lebnizian implications of post-structuralist literary theory. He recently presented papers on Lacan’s philosophy of mathematics (specifically, his insights into the role of the imaginary number in psychoanalysis) and on the relationship between suture and Alain Badiou’s philosophical approach to set-theoretic forcing. He is currently working on a book, titled Lacanian Psychoanalysis and its Mathematical Subjects, focusing on the way number theory bears on the analysis of the unconscious mind.