Margaret Higonnet

Professor Emerita. Storrs.

Specialties: Literature of World War I, 19th-Century British literature (women Poets, Hardy),  women’s writing and feminist literary theory (19th century, comparative, feminist theory), children’s literature (war, picture books), literary/critical theory (Romantic)

Current Research: Margaret Hall’s Letters and Photographs from the Battle Country, 1918  –  1919

I have taught English and Comparative Literature both at the University of Connecticut and as a visitor at George Washington University and the Universities of Munich and Santiago de Compostela. Like my teaching, my scholarship has ranged from romantic literary theory and women’s writing in nineteenth-century Europe to the First World War and children’s literature. I’ve published on Thomas Hardy, pop-up books,and  the intersections of feminist theory and comparative literature. Recently, much of my scholarship, including Lines of Fire (1999), Nurses at the Front (2001), and a coedited publication of Margaret Hall’s memoir, has been devoted to women’s literature of World War I. I’ve been co-editor of the journal Children’s Literature (1985-1990) and president of the American Conference on Romanticism and of the American Comparative Literature Association.

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