Patrick Lawrence

PhD Candidate, ABD

Dissertation: “Obscene Gestures: Sexual Transgression and Late Twentieth-Century American Political Culture

Research Interests: 20th-century American literature, multiethnic literature

Publications: “The ‘Vocabulary of Human Behavior’: Gesture in How the García Girls Lost Their Accents.” Forthcoming in MosaicA Journal for the Interdisciplinary Study of Literature (Dec. 2015).

“The Unfinished Politics of Nathaniel Mackey’s Splay Anthem.” A Sense of Regard: Essays on Poetry and Race. Ed. Laura McCullough. Forthcoming from U of Georgia P (Feb. 2015).

“Refugees of a Crisis in Reference: Holocaust Memoir and the Deconstruction of Paul de Man.” Intertext 13.1–2 (2009): 17–35.

“The Morelli Method and the Conjectural Paradigm as Narrative Semiotic.” Watermark 2 (2008): 103–16.

“The Comedic Devices of Tragedy: Inter-Generic Dialogic in Hardy and Shakespeare.” Ohio Valley Shakespeare Conference Selected Papers 1 (2007): 118–42.

Review of Critiquing Postmodernism in Contemporary Discourses of Race, by Sue J. Kim. MELUS 36.1 (2011): 229–31.

Review of Ancestor Worship, by Michael S. Begnal. Irish Literary Supplement 28.1 (2008): 24.

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