Why Consider an Internship?

The Writing Internship Program

  • Educates students in the advisability of seeking internship credentials.
  • Places students in agencies and businesses that will give them professional work experience.
  • Serves as a point of access to professional standards and mentoring.Writing Internship Logo
  • Prepares students for professional job applications, screening, interviews, and contract processes.

Internships allow students to demonstrate that the analytical, cognitive, and communication skills they have been honing in college have professional applications. These interns also develop new, non-academic writing skills. Interns’ projects can be assembled into professional writing portfolios which are invaluable when applying to jobs.

Internships allow for networking, can be used to test career choices, and enrich the job listings on your resume. Writing internships show job recruiters that you have excellent communication skills and internships for academic credit are seen as an applicant’s commitment to professional standards. Internships can set your future career in motion and they are a critical experiential factor in the hiring process because they are seen as job experience.