Overview of Writing Programs at UConn

Writing is a dynamic part of UConn, integrated into the lives and work of students, faculty, and the larger Connecticut community. The aim of this page is simple: to provide a quick synopsis of the four largest programs, and to direct you to their websites for more information. Although these programs are based in Storrs, our regional campuses—Avery Point, Greater Hartford, Stamford, Torrington and Waterbury—are active participants and contributors. We are also grateful that many of our writing programs benefit from the support of the Aetna Chair of Writing, particularly in the form of generous prizes for writing contests, funding for publications and conferences, and opportunities for undergraduate and graduate employment.

UConn Writing Center Logo

The University Writing Center works with both faculty and students to support academic writing. For faculty, we offer workshops, consultations, and discipline-specific resources for incorporating writing within the curriculum. Most students on campus know us through our popular individualized tutorials–about 4,000 students a year work with us. We also have a growing high school outreach program, and a range of collaborative initiatives with centers and programs across the university.
Director: Tom Deans Associate Director: Kathleen Tonry Assistant Directors: Melissa Bugdal, Kristina Reardon
University Writing Center
368 Fairfield Road, Unit 2168                                          215 Glenbrook Road, Unit 4025
CUE Building, Room 124                                                  AUS Building, Room 159
Storrs, CT 06269-2168                              -or-                Storrs, CT 06269-4025
Phone: (860) 486-4387
Fax: (860) 486-1530
Email: writingcenter@uconn.edu
Affiliation: International Writing Centers Association

The First-Year Writing Program administers the first-year university academic writing requirement. It prepares new instructors in the program through an intensive teaching orientation, through peer mentoring and practicum group support, and through a graduate course on theory and writing pedagogy. The Program offers specifically focused sections that enhance the mission of other university units, such as the First-year Program’s Learning Communities, the Center for Academic Programs, the Early College Experience Program, and the Counseling Program for Intercollegiate Athletics.
Director: Scott Campbell Associate Director: Lisa Blansett Graduate Assistants: Laura Wright, Emily Slater
Freshman English Program
215 Glenbrook Road, Unit 4025
AUS Building, Room 162
Storrs, CT 06269-4025
Phone: (860) 486-2859
Fax: (860) 486-1530
Email: fe.uconn@gmail.com
See also: UConn Early College Experience

Connecticut Writing Project Logo

The Connecticut Writing Project, a site of the National Writing Project, offers professional development services to Connecticut public school teachers from all disciplines and grade levels. The writing project offers inservice training for schools, Saturday workshops for teachers, publication opportunities for teachers and students, and a summer institute. The CWP also works with preservice teachers and sponsors a Concentration in Teaching English.
Director: Jason Courtmanche Graduate Assistant: Christiana Pinkston Betts
Connecticut Writing Project
215 Glenbrook Road, Unit 4025
CLAS Building, Room 161
Storrs, CT 06269-4025
Phone: (860) 486-2328
Fax: (860) 486-9360
Email: cwp@uconn.edu
Affiliation: National Writing Project

Creative Writing Program Logo

The Creative Writing Program offers courses in poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, playwriting, and screenwriting. Students from any undergraduate major may pursue a sequence of courses leading to the Concentration in Creative Writing. The Program supports visiting author events, a student open-mic series, and the Long River Review, a nationally-award-winning student literary magazine.
Director: Sean Frederick Forbes Assistant Director: Erick Piller
Creative Writing Program
215 Glenbrook Road, Unit 4025
AUS Building
Storrs, CT 06269-4025
Affiliation: Association of Writers & Writing Programs

Aetna Chair of Writing Logo

The Aetna Chair of Writing was established in 1986 with a million-dollar endowment–$500,000 from the Aetna Foundation and matching funds from the State Department of Higher Education. Dr. Lynn Z. Bloom, appointed first Aetna Chair of Writing in 1988, supervised funding to invent, develop, and enhance writing at UConn’s flagship and regional campuses, throughout the state of Connecticut, and nationwide. Through support of the Connecticut Writing Project, and funding for creative writers–poets, authors of fiction for children and adults, autobiographers, playwrights, puppeteers–the Aetna endowment reaches audiences across the educational spectrum, from kindergarten through college and adult learners.
Aetna Chair of Writing: Brenda Brueggemann Program Assistant: Lori Corsini-Nelson
215 Glenbrook Road, Unit 4025
Austin 201C
Storrs, CT 06269-4025
Phone: (860) 486-1124
Fax: (860) 486-1530
For more information: Aetna Chair of Writing