English Department Statement on Anti-AAPI Violence

On behalf of the English Department at UConn

In the aftermath of the horrific Atlanta killings and the dramatic rise in the number of hate crimes against Asian and Asian Americans nationally, and especially against women of Asian descent, we call on all faculty and students in our department to fight against Anti-Asian racism, hatred, sexism, misogyny, and violence in all its forms, ones that have a long and terrifying history in the U.S and a long history at our own institution as well. This violence must stop. We stand with Asian and Asian American students and faculty at UConn and Asian and Asian Americans communities across the country and world to condemn this violence and dismantle the racism and sexism that produce it. In so doing, we will be guided by our colleagues and students who have dedicated their scholarly careers to studying and advocating for racial justice and gender equity.

To attend the event below, contact fred.lee@uconn.edu



How Racism and Sexism Intertwine to Torment Asian-American Women - The New York Times (nytimes.com)

The Invention of Race in the European Middle Ages

Why Study English?


"Perhaps the most powerful argument for why students (and their parents) might want to think twice about abandoning humanities is the data. The National Center for Education Statistics also keeps track of pay and unemployment rates by major.

There’s no denying that the typical computer science major makes more money shortly after graduation than the typical English major.

Contrary to popular belief, English majors ages 25 to 29 had a lower unemployment rate in 2017 than math and computer science majors."

Read the rest of this article and see more arguments for studying English.


The Department of English is hiring for a Visiting Assistant Professor position on the UConn Stamford campus! Details on the position and how to apply are available through the job posting now.

Reopening Campus: ON, TOGETHER

Welcome Back, Huskies: The Plan to Reopen UConn for 2020-21

The University of Connecticut is actively planning to welcome our new and returning students, faculty, and staff back to our campuses during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are dedicated to working together with public health experts and our state to maintain a quality UConn educational experience while keeping our community healthy.

You can find more information about the University's plans here.

To contact the English Department, please email english@uconn.edu or call 860-486-2141.

Upcoming Events

  1. Sep 27 How To Start A Series And How To Write For One4:00pm
  2. Sep 29 Alumni Poetry Reading With Meghan Maguire Dahn And Matthew Salyer6:00pm
  3. Sep 30 The Blank Page Speaker Series: Staying On The Road2:00pm
  4. Oct 5 The 2nd Mark Twain Distinguished Writer-In-Residence Program With Alexander Chee6:30pm
  5. Oct 6 Publishing NOW: How To Apply For A UConn Internal Grant, Humanities Style2:00pm
  6. Oct 11 ECOM Spotlight Series: Charles Davis2:30pm
  7. Oct 13 UCHI Fellow's Talk: Drew Johnson4:00pm


  • Congratulations to our 2021 Tribute Award Winners!
    The English Department would like to congratulate Matthew Shelton, Hannah Taylor, and Kaylee Jangula Mootz for winning the 2021 Tribute Awards. Matthew Shelton won the Milton Stern Dissertation Award for his project “A Diagram of Winds: Lines of Flight in Translation and Translingual Poiesis.” The committee was deeply impressed with Matthew’s innovative and theoretically sophisticated creative dissertation, […]
  • Connecticut Writing Project Featured in UConn Today
    The Connecticut Writing Project, directed by UConn English Professor Jason Courtmanche, has been featured in UConn Today, detailing a new effort where students and teachers from Grades 4 to 12 read works of literature and then write letters to the authors, saying how the work impacted them. Over 645 Connecticut students submitted their works, and […]
  • Alex Houdeshell ’21 (CLAS) to Simon & Schuster
    Alex Houdeshell ’21 (CLAS), a recently graduated English and History double major, has recently started a position as an Audiobook Production Assistant with Simon & Schuster, one of the largest publishing companies in the United States. In this job, she will support the audiobook team as they publish over 600 audiobooks each year by reading […]
  • Grad Landings: Ashley Gangi to St. Luke’s School
    Ashley Gangi ’21 (Ph.D.) has just accepted a position as an Upper School English Teacher at St. Luke’s School in New Canaan, CT. We’d like to congratulate Ashley and her committee: Wayne Franklin, her major advisor, and Clare Eby, Mary Bercaw-Edwards, and Jerry Phillips, her associate advisors.
  • Grad Landings: Ruth Book ’21 Ph.D. to Rochester Institute of Technology
    Ruth Book ’21 (Ph.D.) has recently accepted a position as lecturer in the Rochester Institute of Technology’s University Writing Program. She will be teaching First-Year Writing and tutoring in their Writing Center. Congratulations again to Ruth and her committee: Brenda Brueggemann, her major advisor, and Tom Deans, Serkan Gorkemli, and Sarah Winter, her associate advisors.
  • Wren Halpern ’23 (CLAS) Wins Kathleen Gibson McPeek Scholarship
    Congratulations to Wren Halpern, the 2021 Winner for the 2021 Kathleen Gibson McPeek Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to an author with an outstanding essay on a literary text or texts! Written in Fall 2020, Wren wrote their essay in ENGL 3613: Introduction to LGBT Literature. They were nominated for the award by Julia Brush. […]

Connecticut Student Writers Recognition Night

On May 14, please visit the website of the Connecticut Writing Project for the 33rd annual Recognition Night for Connecticut Student Writers magazine. The event is co-sponsored by the English Department, the Neag School of Education, the Early College Experience program, and the Dodd Center for Human Rights. This year's keynote speaker will be Veera Hiranandani, the author of the award winning The Night Diaries.