Book of the Month

"A novel of ideas examining two 'tribal' societies: the colonized island of New Ulster in Papua New Guinea and Laird’s native Northern Ireland."

Nick Laird was the Gerson Irish Reader on April 9.

Mary Burke, Professor of English; Honors Program Director;

Irish Concentration Coordinator


Why Study English?


"Heads up, business majors: Employers are newly hot on the trail of hires with liberal arts and humanities degrees.
Class of 2015 graduates from those disciplines are employed at higher rates than their cohorts in the class of 2014, and starting salaries rose significantly, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers' annual first-destination survey of recent graduates in the workforce."
Read the rest of this article and see more arguments for studying English.

Upcoming Events

  1. Sep 23 Registration Due for Fall Teacher-Writer Retreat12:00am
  2. Sep 24 Shusenjo Film Screening & Discussion4:00pm
  3. Sep 25 Humanities Fellow Research Talk: Daniel Cohen4:00pm
  4. Sep 26 Colson Whitehead4:30pm
  5. Sep 27 Conference for Secondary School Writing Centers8:30am
  6. Oct 2 Digital Humanities & Media Studies talk: Annette Vee, "Algorithmic Writers and Implications for Literacy"2:00pm
  7. Oct 3 The Cherry Orchard7:30pm

Letters About Literature

The English Department, Connecticut Writing Project, and Neag School of Education are the CT sponsors for this Library of Congress writing competition for grades 4-12.


Professors are People Too


Ali Oshinskie ('17) interviews professors for a podcast series, "Professors are People Too." Read the transcripts to her introduction and interviews, and listen to the podcast on WHUS.