Master of Arts in English

The Master of Arts (MA) program provides a platform for students to develop their unique perspectives as scholars, educators, and writers. For many, the MA affords an opportunity to develop a research agenda with an eye toward pursuing a Ph.D. For others, the program is a stepping stone to a career in fields such as education, publishing, or journalism.


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Program Requirements

Program Length

Requirements for the master’s degree should be completed within two years, though the Graduate School sets a six-year maximum on completion from the date of initial matriculation. A student must complete at least one course a year until course requirements are fulfilled. Students must maintain continuous registration throughout the graduate program.

Advisory Committee

MA work is guided by a Major Advisor appointed by the Graduate Director upon matriculation. Students should consult with the Major Advisor each semester about courses to be taken and other degree policies. Forms to change the Major Advisor are available in the Graduate English Office, and students are encouraged to select the Major Advisor most appropriate for their individual professional needs.

Plan of Study

The Plan of Study for the master’s degree must be signed by a student’s Major Advisor, approved by the Graduate Office, and submitted to the Graduate School by the end of the third semester for the degree. In consultation with their Major Advisor, the student must indicate the courses taken and to be taken in fulfillment of requirements. If any changes are necessary after submission of the Plan of Study, a Request for Changes form or a memo from the student’s advisor must be submitted to the Graduate School. The form may be obtained from the Graduate English Office, or from the Graduate School website.

Application for Graduation Form to receive the MA. degree must be filed with the Graduate School through the Student Administration System. Students should consult the current academic calendar for instructions and deadlines for submitting this application.

Coursework Requirements and Policy on Incomplete Grades

Visit the UConn Graduate Catalog for course requirements for the current academic year, or view requirements from a past catalog year.

Course work is normally undertaken at the UConn Storrs campus. Transfer of up to six course credits from another institution’s graduate program, or from non-degree graduate coursework undertaken at UConn, may be accepted toward a master’s degree at Storrs, provided that such credits are not used to earn a degree at the other institution.

Policy on Incomplete Grades

The Graduate Executive Committee strongly discourages incompletes. However, incompletes taken under extraordinary circumstances must be completed within one month of the appointed course final examination time; students who fail to complete coursework within this timeframe will be placed on probationary status by the Graduate Executive Committee. Students with more than one incomplete at any given time may be dropped from the program after review by the Committee.

MA Writing Project

MA students must complete a final writing project in their second year, consisting in the revision of a seminar paper as a professional article of between 7,000 and 8,000 words, undertaken in consultation with an appropriate faculty advisor. An independent study to revise the paper cannot be counted toward the coursework requirements for the degree. The deadline for the submission of the final writing project is March 1. Final writing projects will be evaluated by the MA Committee.