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Understand the voices of the past and present. Create your voice of the future.

UConn’s Department of English offers you the flexibility to design a degree that fits your interests and goals for the future. With a diverse array of courses and concentrations, you’ll study what you love and gain skills for life after college.


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The UConn Experience

As a UConn English major, you’ll become an excellent writer, thoughtful interpreter, and creative and effective communicator. Our students benefit from the intimacy of a small liberal arts program, including small classes and access to award-winning professors. They also take advantage of unique opportunities that are available to them at a Research university.

Our department attracts undergraduates from diverse backgrounds and with a wide range of interests. What they share is a love of literature and deep curiosity about life’s greatest questions.

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Customize Your Education

UConn’s undergraduate curriculum offers you flexibility to explore your interests within a structure that will help you succeed after graduation. Our students learn from faculty who are experts in a wide range of historical periods and fields.

English majors can choose courses from eight optional tracks centered on topics like creative writing, cultural studies, English teaching, and social justice. Along the way, our academic advisors will help you select classes, find internships, and chart a course of study that’s right for you.

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Academic Advising

Our English advising team is committed to providing students with exceptional, personalized academic advising. Through virtual and in-person meetings, they can help you achieve success, prepare for a career, make optimal use of faculty and departmental resources, and get the most out of your experience at UConn.

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Professors in the Department of English are dedicated teachers and experts in their fields, which span across every historical period, world region, and literary genre. Small class sizes mean that students develop close working relationships with these talented scholars.

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Scholarships and Awards

The Department of English and other offices on campus offer scholarships for undergraduate students each year. The Department also supports a broad array of annual awards and writing contests that recognize students for outstanding creative achievements.

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Get Involved

UConn and the Department of English offer a wide variety of opportunities for students get involved in internships, publications, student organizations, research, and other opportunities. By taking advantage of these experiences, you’ll build your resume and expand your portfolio. Along the way, you’ll also develop transferable skills that will prepare you for a career in any field.

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Jobs and Careers

English is a versatile major that teaches you how to read and write in many genres, and nourishes your passion for language and literature. It also fortifies you with a versatile career toolkit that will make you highly valued in the 21st-century workplace.

The Department offers flexible major requirements and advising resources to help you chart your professional journey. We also partner with the Center for Career Development to offer career development resourceslike internship programs and career panels—which allow you to gain professional skills, connect with potential employers, and learn from successful alumni.

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