Get Involved

UConn English students aren’t satisfied on the sidelines. They learn by putting their knowledge and creativity into action through opportunities outside the classroom.

By getting involved in hands-on experiences like internships, student organizations, publications, and independent projects, you’ll build your resume and expand your portfolio. Along the way, you’ll also develop professional skills that will prepare you for a career in any field.

Ways to Get Involved


Internships are work/learning experiences where you apply your coursework in hands-on situations. An internship allows you to explore an industry that interests you, and can help you learn more about your long-term career goals.

The UConn English Writing Internship Program is an intensive program that places students in writing positions that give them real-world practice in handling multiple responsibilities. Positions are available both on and off-campus during the fall, spring, and summer session. Writing interns also earn course credit toward their degree. Learn more about the Writing Internship Program and its requirements.

Students can also apply for a wide array of internship positions in a variety of industries through the Center for Career Development. These opportunities typically last between two and four months, and may be part-time or full-time. Visit the Center for Career Development’s website for more information about how to find an internship.

Student Organizations

Getting involved in student organizations is a great way to expand your social circle and round out your education. You’ll also practice teamwork, leadership, communication, and time management - skills that are essential for any young professional.

UConn offers hundreds of student organizations and learning communities where you can explore your interests both in and outside of English. For example, you can get involved in:

  • Living and learning communities like the Humanities House
  • Literary Minds, a student club dedicated to strengthening community among English majors through social, academic, and professional programs
  • The Writing Center, which offers tutoring services to the University community
  • Organizations like Dramatic Paws and Page to Stage Productions, where students get a chance to write, perform, and execute their own stage productions

Visit the UConntact website to search student organizations by category.


The Department of English and the University also support student publications and creative outlets where you can publish your work and gain editorial experience. Examples of student publications include:

Research and Creative Projects

English students can apply for UConn grants and awards that support independent research or creative projects, guided by a faculty mentor. They also secure funding for conferences and related travel.

Past recipients used these awards to research, produce, and publish their own creative work. Examples include the Professors are People Too podcast and children’s book The Secret of Silverstone.

Grant and Award Opportunities

UConn IDEA Grants award up to $4,000 to support self-designed projects, including original publications, community service initiatives, entrepreneurial ventures, creative endeavors and research projects.

SHARE Awards (Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts Research Experience) support undergraduate research apprenticeships for undergraduate students at early stages in their careers.

SURF Awards (Summer Undergraduate Research Fund) support full-time undergraduate students who are engaged in summer research or creative projects under the supervision of a faculty member.

Learn more about undergraduate research funding opportunities and view a list of awards and contests sponsored by UConn English.