Chad Jewett

PhD Candidate, ABD

Research Interests: 20th-century American literature, African American literature, literature of the US South

Publications: “‘Being Uncle Remus’: The Folk Uncanny and the Remus/Rabbit Archetype in Faulkner’s ‘Was’ and The Reivers.” Forthcoming in Journal of Narrative Theory (2015).

“‘Deftly Mixed’: Liminal Identity and the Problem of Knowing in J. McHenry Jones’ Hearts of Gold.” Forthcoming in Mississippi Quarterly (2014).

“The Modality of Toni Morrison’s Jazz.” Forthcoming in African American Review (2014).

“Persephone Violated in Faulkner’s ‘Sanctuary’ and ‘McCarthy’s Child of God.'” Forthcoming in Faulkner Journal (2013).

“‘Somehow Caught’: Race and Deferred Sexuality in McCullers’s ‘The Member of the Wedding.'” Southern Literary Journal 45.1 (2012).