Mary Burke

Associate Professor; Irish Concentration Coordinator. Storrs.

Specialties: Modern and contemporary Irish drama and fiction, Synge, The Abbey Theatre, the Revival, the literature and representation of Irish minority identities in Ireland and America.


BOOK: “Tinkers:” Synge and the Cultural History of the Irish Traveller (Oxford UP, 2009).




Selected ARTICLES, CHAPTERS & PRESS (some downloadable at

“The Riot of Spring: Synge’s ‘Failed Realism’ and the Peasant Drama.” Invited Synge chapter for the Oxford Handbook of Modern Irish Theatre. Oxford University Press, forthcoming in fall 2016.

“The Marriage Plot and the Plot against the Union: Irish Home Rule and Henry James’s “‘The Modern Warning.’” Irish Studies Review 23: 2 (2015): 184-193.

“The Night of the Big Wind– January 6th, 1839: The Worst Storm in Irish Recorded History” (“Irishwoman’s Diary” column), Irish Times, January 12, 2016.

“Killing the Queen: Yeats, McDonagh, and Punk.” Gender, Sex, and Sexuality. Critical Insights Series. Ed. Margaret Breen. M.A.: Salem Press, 2014.

“Synge, Evolutionary Theory, and the Irish Language.” Synge and His Influences: Centenary Essays from the Synge Summer School. Ed. Patrick Lonergan. Dublin: Carysfort P, 2011, 55-72.

“Synge’s The Well of the Saints and The Tinker’s Wedding.” The Cambridge Companion to J.M. Synge. Ed. P.J. Mathews. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2009, 41-51.

“Famished: Alienation and Appetite in Edna O’Brien’s Early Novels.” Edna O’Brien: New Critical Perspectives. Eds. Maureen O’Connor, Sinead Mooney, and Kathryn Laing. Dublin: Carysfort P, 2006, 219-41.

“Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Sources for Bram Stoker’s Gypsies.” ANQ: A Quarterly Journal of Short Articles, Notes, and Reviews, 18:1 (2005): 54-59.

Selected fiction publications

“Hy-Brasil.” The Faber Best New Irish Short Stories, 2004-5. Ed. David Marcus. London: Faber & Faber, 2005, 101-05. Broadcast on RTE Radio 1 (Irish national broadcaster) on April 10, 2004.

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