Bronwyn Diperi

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Bronwyn Diperi’s Teaching Philosophy, in her own words:

“I feel that we need to take the arts and humanities out of the cloister of personal study and bring it into the world. Even in our earliest human societies, we have told stories in order to build community. We need community to survive. Written and spoken stories have been – and need to continue to be – vehicles to provide voice to the everyday of human existence, to provide voice to social dilemmas, and to provide voice to necessary social justice issues. I always treat my classes as “citizenship” learning. Coming together to study and write about literature in order to understand how humans work develops a strong sense of community, civic duty, and moral integrity – something that is essential no matter your major.

My short fiction tends to explore grief and loss and has been published in Sandscript Literary Magazine and Stonecoast Lines. Earlier in my writing career, my travel essays explored regional identity through place and history and have been published in Tucson Momslink. I hope that my creative work, my research, and my teaching will continue to explore identity, resilience, and social dilemmas. I am open to whatever form this takes – researched books, book-length fiction, and/or long-term humanities projects within the community.”

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