Clare Eby


Professor. Storrs.

Specialties: 20th through 21st-Century American literature, particularly the novel; African American literature; gender studies; American studies.

Recent Publications: Until Choice Do Us Part: Marriage Reform in the Progressive Era (University of Chicago Press, 2014); The Cambridge History of the American Novel. Ed. with Leonard Cassuto and Benjamin Reiss (University of Cambridge Press, 2011).

Current Research: Clare Eby is researching a project called “The Zero Sum Game of Corporate Personhood.”  This book is concerned with how the continued extension of constitutional rights to corporations, enabled by the legal fiction that corporations are persons, causes the erosion of rights for actual humans.  The project is focused on the contemporary era, but corporate personhood did not begin with Citizens United (2010), and so the book will also entail substantial legal history.

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clare eby
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