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Professor Pamela Allen Brown has taught Shakespeare, poetry, drama, creative writing, and other courses since 1998, and in 2005-6 she served as Director of the London Program. A poet and playwright, she has poems published or forthcoming in Mojave River Review, Public, Epiphany, New Square, P/rose, The Sonnets Remixed, and Visual Verse. Her one-act plays have been performed at St. Marks Poetry Project and LaMama e.t.c. (The Fit in the Choir), and the Boston Director’s Lab (The Ice House). She has also directed a short film featuring Isabella Andreini’s writing and acting, The Amorous Debate on Arms and Letters.

In addition to many articles and chapters, she has published the following:

The Diva’s Gift to the Shakespeare Stage: Agency, Theatricality and the Innamorata (Oxford UP, 2022)

Editor and translator, with Julie Campbell and Eric Nicholson. Lovers’ Debates for the Stage: A Bilingual Translation of Isabella Andreini, Fragmenti di alcune scritture (Toronto: Iter, 2022)

Co-author, with Jean E. Howard. William Shakespeare, As You Like It: Texts and Contexts (Bedford/St Martins, 2014)

Co-editor, with Peter Parolin. Women Players in Early Modern England: Beyond the All-Male Stage (Ashgate, 2005)

Better a Shrew than a Sheep: Women, Drama and the Culture of Jest in Early Modern England (Cornell UP, 2003)


  • Gender, Sexuality, theatricality, and performativity
  • Shakespeare and non-Shakespearean Drama on stage and in film
  • Diva Studies
  • Traveling players and theatrical circulation between Italy and England
  • Thinking with monsters: sex, race, disability, and the extraordinary body
  • Racialization and stage types, medieval to contemporary
  • Early modern women playwrights, players, and poets
  • Renaissance laughter, jokes, fools, folly, and madness
  • Bad Fun, or the comedy of sadism
Pamela Allen Brown
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