Jenny Spinner: “It’s a Woman Speaking”

Tues., Feb. 25, 4-5pm

Storrs Campus, Austin (217)


‘It’s a Woman Speaking’: Revising the Essay Canon

All are invited to attend a talk by Jenny Spinner, Associate Professor of English at St. Joseph’s University (and UConn English PhD ’04). Spinner will be joined by Lynn Bloom, UConn Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor Emerita, who will serve as a respondent.

Spinner will discuss her 2018 book, Of Women and the Essay: An Anthology from 1655 to 2000, the result of her decade-long feminist recovery project that was designed to re-write the history of the essay to include women who have been erased and omitted. This talk will explore some of the reasons for the long neglect of women, and women of color in particular, from the essay’s history and discuss some of the women essayists from earlier centuries who belong in that history (and on readings lists, conference panels, journal articles, dissertations, and syllabi).

This event is sponsored by the English Department and the Humanities Institute.