Write On, Black Girl! Initiative Invites Black Girls to Speak Their Truth

by Emily Graham, ’22 (CLAS) In conjunction with the newly-established literary magazine of the same name, PhD candidate Kiedra Taylor, ‘24 hosted Write On, Black Girl!, a writing retreat dedicated to the crafting of narratives written by Black girls and young women. Sitting down with Emily Graham, Ms. Taylor spoke of how the retreat went; […]

On the Town: Learning by Traveling at UConn Stamford

by Emily Graham, ’22 (CLAS) Taking advantage of UConn Stamford’s great location, Professor Fred Roden has coordinated field trips with his students for years — visiting art exhibits, Broadway, and more. Emily Graham recently met with Professor Roden over Zoom to talk about the trips themselves and, more importantly, what students get out of learning […]

Reimagining the Traditional Dissertation

by Emily Graham, ’22 (CLAS) Considered to go into effect for Fall 2022, the UConn English department will no longer require students to follow the typical graduate school capstone: the written dissertation. Sitting down with Professor Victoria Ford Smith, Emily Graham discusses how the dissertation could evolve from 2022 onward, hoping to grant greater creative […]

Changing Course: A New Form of First-Year Writing

by Alexander Mika, ’21 (CLAS) Recently, the University of Connecticut’s First-Year Writing program redesigned course curriculum and is in the process of implementing those changes at the regional campuses. The new course, ENGL 1007 (Seminar in Academic Writing and Multimodal Composition), features a Writing Across Technology curriculum that encourages students to engage with and develop […]