The UConn Graduate Pandemic Narrative Project

by Emily Graham, ’22 (CLAS)

This past year has certainly been an unconventional one for UConn students and professors alike. Recognizing this, Aetna Chair of Writing Brenda Brueggemann, as well as graduate students Margaret McFarlane, Emily Tarconish, and Kathryn Warrender-Hill, decided to create an online survey this past academic year for graduate students, focusing on how the pandemic has influenced their education experience. With questions that range from time management, working from home, to work-life balance, this survey also left an opportunity for students to tell their own personal stories in the study; that is, a way to relay how the pandemic has impacted everyone uniquely. This study will culminate in a general descriptive video, individual interviews with students, and a large archive—all of which will document the impact of the pandemic on the individual.

To Be Continued!