Aetna/English Department Awards and Scholarships Granted

Congratulations to the following award recipients!


Aetna Student Writing Awards 2021-2022

Aetna First-Year Writing Award: Kamden Meyer
Honorable Mentions: Aleena Jafar-DeCesare and William Curry

Aetna Writing in the Disciplines Awards:
Humanities: Molly McGuigan
Honorable Mentions: Anusha Attre, Daniela Flores-Soto, and Stefan Marczuk

Social Sciences: Chelsea Erem and SeSe Nguyen
Honorable Mentions: Jaydel Hernandez and Bo Wicklund

Science and Engineering: Collin Grottke
Honorable Mentions: Molly Csere and Avin Sapowadiat

Aetna Children’s Literature Award: Rylee Thomas

The Aetna Translation Award: Aarushi Nohria

The Aetna Creative Nonfiction Awards: Nicole Catarino
Honorable Mention: Kazi Begum

Aetna Graduate Teaching of Writing Award: Lindsay Hunnicutt

Aetna Graduate Critical Writing Award: Julia Brush
Honorable Mention: Kerry Carnahan

English Department Scholarships 2022

The Suzanne Brennan Perella Scholarship: Gianna Socci

The Steblea Family Scholarship: Joseph Devito

The Kathleen Gibson McPeek Memorial Scholarship: Kyra Arena

The Jonathan Hufstader Distinguished English Major Award: Madelon Morin-Viall and Aarushi Nohira