Department Accomplishments February 2022 – July 2022

Department of English Accomplishments

February 2022 - July 2022



Gina Barreca, Lynn Bloom, Brenda Brueggemann, Ellen Carillo, Julie Choffel, Bruce Cohen, Jason Courtmanche, P. Morgne Cramer, Martha Cutter, Tom Deans, Mary K. Bercaw Edwards, Serkan Görkemli, Margaret R. Higonnet, Donna Hollenberg, Yohei Igarashi, Alex Menrisky, Penelope Pelizzon, Sam Pickering, Debapriya Sarkar, Bhakti Shringarpure, Victoria Ford Smith, Kathleen Tonry, Chris Vials, and Erika Williams

Graduate Students

Luisana Duarte Armendáriz, Samadrita Kuiti, Darby Lacey, Psyche Ready, and Anna Ziering

Collage of faculty and graduate student headshots

Awards and Honors

Barreca, Gina

  • CLAS Summer Research Funding, 2022. Project: "FAST FALLEN WOMEN: 75 Essays of Flash Non-Fiction."

Brueggemann, Brenda

  • CLAS Summer Research Funding, 2022. Project: "All That’s Left: A Cross-Institutional, Interconnected Archeology of the Relationship and History between the University of Connecticut and the Mansfield Training School."

Carillo, Ellen C

  • CLAS Teaching Improvement Grant. University of Connecticut, June 2022.

Cohen, Bruce

  • Award for two poetry workshops. Coventry Town Council.

Courtmanche, Jason

  • Faculty Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award. Foundation Alumni Relations Office, University of Connecticut, 2022

Kuiti, Samadrita

  • “Anticipating the Afrotopia: Queer Monsters & Utopian Futurities in Nnedi Okorafor's Lagoon.” Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA) Women's & Gender Studies Essay Award, March 2022.
  • "Mother- Warriors": Queer Motherhood as Resistance in Arundhati Roy's The Ministry of Utmost Happiness." UConn WGSS Susan Porter Benson Graduate Research Paper Award, April 2022.
  • Wood/Raith Living Trust Summer Graduate Fellowship, April 2022.



      Pelizzon, Penelope

      • CLAS Summer Research Funding, 2022. Project: "Immersive Reading in Contemporary Poetry and Ecopoetics."

      Shringarpure, Bhakti

      • CLAS Summer Research Funding, 2022. Project: "Sudan's 'insurgent murals'."

      Smith, Victoria Ford

      • CLAS Summer Research Funding, 2022. Project: "Immersive Reading in Contemporary Poetry and Ecopoetics."

      Tonry, Kathleen

      • CLAS Summer Research Funding, 2022. Project: "Print Time (Chapter 4: The Activist Press in the UK and UK)."

      Vials, Chris

      • CLAS Summer Research Funding, 2022. Project: "America Firsts: Fascism, Male Violence, and U.S. Empire, 1920 to the Present."


        Bloom, Lynn Z

        • Recipe. Object Lessons series, Bloomsbury Academic, 2022.

        Hollenberg, Donna

        • Winged Words: The Life and Work of the Poet H.D.. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 2022.

        Pickering, Sam

        • The Gate in the Garden Wall. Madville Publishing, 2022.

        Williams, Erika Renée


        Bercaw Edwards, Mary K

        • “All Astir.” Leviathan: A Journal of Melville Studies, 24.2, June 2022, pp. 109-17.

        Brown, Pamela

        Choffel, Julie

        • “How It Is.” Poetic Journeys, May 2022.
        • "Because I Said So," "I Mean Seriously," "Danger Second," and "Patterns." Posit, Issue 30, May 2022. Online.
        • “Poem.” Painted Bride Quarterly, Issue 101, March 2022. Online.
        • “I Think About the Boys I Loved.” Sip Cup, Issue 9, March 2022. Online.

        Cohen, Bruce

        • Pulling Baby Teeth” The Southern Review, vol. 58:2, Spring 2022, pp. 212-13.
        • Home Run Derby.” The MacGuffin, vol. 38, no.1, Spring 2022, pp. 13-19.
        • “The Raw Look.” Helix Literary Magazine, 16 March 2022.

          Cutter, Martha

          • “Picturing Race: African Americans in US Visual Culture Before the Civil War.” Race in American Literature and Culture, Ed. John Ernest. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2022, pp. 241-61.

          Gorkemli, Serkan

          • “Outing.” X-R-A-Y Literary Magazine, 4 March 2022.

          Higonnet, Margaret R

          • Езикът като „кралица-блудница“ [“Language as a ‘Prostitute Queen’: Rhetoric in George Sand’s Indiana”] Govori za da te vidya kniga  ["Speak up so that I may see you."] Ed. Donka Alexandrova. Sofia: unipress, 2022, pp. 216-26. [Bulgarian].


              • Co-ed and co-author. Landscapes of Realism: Rethinking Literary Realism in Comparative Perspectives. Volume II: Pathways Through Realism. Eds. Svend Erik Larsen, Margaret R. Higonnet, and Steen Bille Jorgensen. Comparative History of Literatures in European Languages, vol. 33, Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 2022.
              • “Forms of Realism in Children’s Literature.” In Landscapes of Realism: Rethinking literary realism in comparative perspectives. Volume II: Pathways through realism. Eds. Svend Erik Larsen, Margaret R. Higonnet, and Steen Bille Jorgensen. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 2022, pp. 474-87l.
              • "Helen Mackay, American Modernist: Small Things, Finding a Form for the Great War.First World War Studies, vol. 12, no. 3, 2021, pp. 203-18. 10.1080/19475020.2022.2049337.
              • “Cooking up a New Journal.” Children’s Literature, vol. 50, 2022, pp. 1-17.

                      Menrisky, Alexander

                      • “Hicks, Homos, and Home Cooking: Literary Recipes in Queer Appalachia.” GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies, vol. 28, no. 3, 2022.
                      • “The Reluctant Environmentalist: Finding Evidence of Injustice in James Wright’s Ambivalent Writing of Place and Identity.” Resilience: A Journal of the Environmental Humanities, vol. 9, no. 1, 2022, pp. 37–55.

                      Pelizzon, Penelope

                      Williams, Erika Renée

                          Presentations and Talks

                          Berkaw Edwards, Mary K

                          • “Melville, Shipboard Space, and Maritime Oppression," Melville's Energies: Aesthetics, Politics, Ecologies: Thirteenth International Melville Society Conference, Paris, France, 30 June 2022.
                          • Chair, "Indigenous Perspectives," Melville's Energies: Aesthetics, Politics, Ecologies: Thirteenth International Melville Society Conference, Paris, France, 30 June 2022.

                          Brown, Pamela

                          Carillo, Ellen C

                          • Invited speaker. “Teaching Mindful Reading at Access-Oriented Institutions.” MLA Teaching Institute on Reading and Writing Pedagogy at Access-Oriented Institutions, Princeton University, 14 July 2022.

                          Choffel, Julie

                          • Invited reader. Poetry reading hosted by The Friends and Enemies of Wallace Stevens, April 2022. Online.

                          Deans, Tom and Ready, Psyche

                          • “Supporting Neurodiverse Graduate Writers in Engineering: The Beginnings of a Multi-Year, NSF-Funded Project.” Works-in-Progress Session. Consortium for Graduate Communication Summer Institute, June 2022. Online.

                          Duarte Armendáriz, Luisana

                          • Conference. “Is One of These Not Like the Others?: Belonging vs. Alienation in Immigrant Stories.” City in a Forest, Children’s Literature Association Conference, 4 June 2022, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Atlanta, GA. Conference Presentation.

                          Igarashi, Yohei

                          • “Fact, Fiction, and Disinformation: A Computational Analysis of Fossil Fuel Writing Across Genres,” with Mark Algee-Hewitt, Aaron Hanlon, and Mike Hill. SUNY Albany, 28 April 2022. Online.



                          • “Limericks and Computational Poetics: The Minimal Pairs Framework,” with Allen Riddell. Conference of Computational Literary Studies, TU Darmstadt, 1 June 2022.

                          Lacey, Darby

                          • "'Geared toward the easing of pain': Invisible Man and medical violence.” Northeast Modern Language Association, Baltimore, March 2022.

                          Menrisky, Alex

                          • Conference Proceeding. “Reasons to Care: Appalachian Poetry’s Evidence of Injustice amid Political Ambivalence.” Northeast Modern Language Association (NEMLA), Association for the Study of Literature and Environment (ASLE) Session. Baltimore, MD, March 2022. Online.

                          Kuiti, Samadrita

                          • Conference. "Afrofutures of the Past: Women's Utopian Dreams in Buchi Emecheta's The Rape of Shavi and Nadine Gordimer's A Sport of Nature." American Comparative Literature Association (ACLA) Annual Convention, Chicago, IL, 16 June 2022. Online.

                          Sarkar, Debapriya

                          • “Expendable Forms, and the Geographies of Race in The Faerie Queene.” Renaissance Literature Seminar, USC-Huntington Early Modern Studies Institute, San Marino, CA, 23 April 2022.
                          • “Your serpent of Egypt”: Geographies of Race in Antony and Cleopatra. Race-ing Queens Lecture Series, Butler University, Indianapolis, IN, 17 March 2022. Online.

                            Presentations and Talks (cont.)

                            • Symposium. “‘our pleasant labor’: Ecologies of Race in Milton and Cavendish.” Margaret Cavendish and John Milton: Rethinking Seventeenth-Century Literature and Culture, Rutgers University, 12 February 2022. Online.

                            Ziering, Anna

                            • Symposium. “‘I Write Down Whatever’: Archives, Speech, and the Abject in Gayl Jones’s “Asylum.’” Then You Don’t Want Me: Canonizing Gayl Jones, Boston University, May 2022. Online.


                            Bercaw Edwards, Mary K

                            • PBS series, World's Greatest Cemeteries: Woodlawn, 14 June 2022.

                            Brown, Pamela

                            Other Contributed Work

                            Menrisky, Alex